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The GIANT Cupcake.

Date of Expedition: 01.30.10

Who said that those who can’t do must critique?

Well on a lovely winter night, the Cupcake Gang decided to add another notch to their Cupcake Connoisseur Belt*, as we tackled our newest challenge: the GIANT cupcake.

Now we’ve all seen the commercials, but is this legend all it’s cracked up to be?

We started the adventure with resident Lemon Meringue and Cappuccino Swirl trucking over to a local food supplier to buy some cake mix.  Red velvet was finally decided upon as the flavor of choice, with a delicious cream cheese frosting as our topper — homemade, of course.

A tip for all who choose to plunge into the GIANT cupcake: use two boxes of cake mix — one for the base, and one for the swirly top. Bake each part separately; a little extra time for a better result (pipe down, Vanilla).  Also, be sure to butter up that pan like a lobster milkshake**. This ensures that the cake slides out with ease, to reveal that authentic cupcake shape.***

How did the GIANT cupcake taste, you may ask?  Well, the grand taste of the cake we can attribute to Monsieur Duncan Hines, while the frosting is a testament to the Cupcake Gang’s own ability to mix butter and cream cheese (a la Paula Deen) — but what did the pan do for the cupcake? The general consensus agreed that the ridged edges of the cupcake base tasted a little crunchy, but the overall look of the GIANT cupcake was quite appealing, even before the frosting!  A crowd pleaser for sure.

What’s more, it took the Gang nearly four days to finish, even with the addition of guest judge, Cannoli Cupcake — but rest assured, Cupcake Public, that even with age, the GIANT cupcake seemed to satisfy our late night (morning, mid-morning, mid-day, mid-mid-day) craving for cupcakes. A healthy addition to any meal! ****

Think about it: a GIANT cupcake, a GIANT taste, and a GIANT gut groove-down***** — all in the comfort your own home!

*Won at Nestlemania 2000.

** Not recommended.

***Food & Wine centerfold-worthy!

**** Not recommended.

***** Defined as happy dancey-times in your stomach.