Sweet Revenge.

Date of excursion: 05.20.11

Emotions were swelling, school years stopped dwelling, and, most importantly, cupcakes were selling … at Sweet Revenge! So the Gang had to check it out, complete with a doubled arsenal at our side.*^

We headed to Sweet Revenge in SoHo, with high hopes of cupcake satisfaction (based on their online menu). And when we arrived, Sweet Revenge did not disappoint — we got flavor fever (which caused us to be escorted to the nearest bar seating).

“Cooooooooooooool interior!” Vanilla shouted. Yes.

We marked our choices – this time, two of each (to accommodate our now-doubled Gang-count). Enchantment was in the air (except for Cousin Meringue, who has a nut allergy that Lemon Meringue failed to warn us about before ordering**).

Before we could say, “hungry,” twenty times fast, the cupcakes arrived. And oh, what cupcakes they were!

“It looks like a mohawk,” Choco-Matzo noted.

“Or like gills,” Choco-Choco Chip said.

“NO ONE KNOWS OR CARES WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT,” Vanilla burst. (The room was silent.)

First: Sweet Revenge (peanut butter cake, chocolate ganache center, peanut butter fudge frosting)

“The ganache is good, and the peanut butter isn’t overpowering,” Choco-Choco Chip said.

“I like the nutty crunch. And when is peanut butter overpowering?” Cappuccino Swirl asked.

“The cake is a little dry, but more frosting helps” Mochi said.

Overall, a good cupcake, but perhaps a bit forgettable to be the namesake of the bakery.

Next up: Dirty (Valrhona chocolate cake, dark chocolate truffle frosting)

Mochi cut this one — and what a fine “this one” this one was! No crumbling? Easy to pick up? Tasty but not overwhelming? Looks like someone*** is going to have to change her invented predispositions of chocolate.****

“The cocoa powder on top is rich, and gives it a bitter taste,” Cappuccino Swirl noted.

“But is it the legit unsweetened kind?” Mochi asked. Yes. Yes it was.

“I taste a hint of cherry,” Choco-Matzo noted. “Maybe? Maybe there was one cherry? Dipped into the batter? And just taken out?” No one agreed.

“I want to eat your frosting,” Choco-Choco Chip said re: Mochi’s remaining remnants of cake.

“That’s what she said,” Mochi replied.

“GROW UP,” Vanilla screamed.

In general, this was an excellent chocolate cupcake — not overpowering, not dry. Very well-balanced.

Next up: Fresas y Nueces (almond cake, strawberry walnut cream cheese icing)

“This is the best so far,” Choco-Matzo noted.

“It tastes like almond croissants,” Choco-Choco Chip added.

“Superb!” Vanilla barked, seemingly at no one.

“I hate almond extract, and I don’t really like the cake. But the cake with the frosting isn’t bad,” Mochi said. Even Vanilla, notorious for a bias against strawberries, agreed.

“I, for one, am concerned about the red velvet,” Lemon Meringue said, as she stabbed the mood to death. “It’s so easy to screw up.”

Next up: Red Velvet (raspberry red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting)

“The color is off,” everyone noted. Indeed, like many red velvets of its time, this cupcake should probably be called “rust velvet.”

“I don’t like it,” Lemon Lime said, wiping the corners of her lips with the tip of a linen kerchief.

“I think the raspberry adds a brightness to it, and the cream cheese frosting is lighter than usual,” Mochi said.

Yes. A tasty cupcake with bright notes — but is it a true red velvet? Maybe not. Especially since red velvet has a bit of a cult****** following.

And so it was: Sweet Revenge. Had these cupcakes sought revenge upon our taste buds? For some, yes — but for most, it proved to be a delightful culinary experience, with interesting flavor combinations, and surprising vindications of flavor profile’s past. But, once all is said in done, we have one piece of advice for our dear cupcake eaters who choose to visit Sweet Revenge:

Do not sit next to the dishwasher. It smells like black pepper.

” … I don’t fit into my jeans anymore!”

*Choco-Matzo, Mochi, Cousin Meringue, and Lemon Lime.

^We have one communal side.

**To the scullery with you!


****Edward Said’s theory of “Orientalism” noted that the Western and Eastern worlds were split into “the Occident” and “the Orient” (respectively); he stated that the West, during its imperialist conquests, invented the study of “Orientalism” in order to create a body of knowledge about a “subject” (the East) without ever coming in contact with said “subject.”  This was based upon the narrow-minded Western notion that “the Orient” simply was what the West was not.  The creation of “Orientalism” as a study gave the West the power to perpetuate and disseminate their “knowledge” throughout the European community (Said, Orientalism 12).

******VERY different from a Gang following.


Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street
NY, NY 10014
(Corner of Bedford Street and Carmine Street) 

Phone: 212.242-2240

Mondays – Thursday: 8a – 11p
Friday: 8a – 12:30a
Saturday: 11a – 12:30a
Sunday: 11a – 10p 

Average cost of cupcake: $3.50


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