About The Cupcake Gang

The Cupcake Gang was established in January 2008.

It is our job to visit cupcake joints around New York City and inform you, the hungry public, about which shops are hot– and which are not.

Our motto is “Eat cupcakes”, and following in the footsteps of the greatest peace-makers in the world (like Al Gore), we choose to be a non-violent (but still threatening) gang.

We judge based on whatever the cupcake provides us to judge.  All cupcakes are inherently different, and thus, it is difficult to create a standardized scale.  Some have filling, some have sprinkles, some have flowers.  These individual differences cannot be judged in comparison to their cupcake peers who differ in other ways– it is simply unethical.  In short, all cupcakes are not created equal (despite what the recipe calls for).

Send us an idea, a new bakery, or maybe just a high-five* at: thecupcakegang (at) gmail.com.

Or just leave us a comment.

*Exploding high-fives preferred.



And check out this sweet Cupcake Gang documentary — “The Cupcake Gang — A Blog in Progress,” directed by our friend, Choco-Matzo cupcake. Hoorah!


2 responses to “About The Cupcake Gang

  1. have you guys thought about travelling around and trying more cupcakerys? if so, i have a couple suggestions of some EXCELLENT places…bold statement…

  2. thecupcakegang

    Whoa! Ex-cellent is my favorite type of -cellent! Definitely drop us an email about the cupcakeries you have in mind, because as high-tech as our cupcake radar is, sometimes I liken it to Eve Plumb from “the Brady Bunch”– sometimes it works, sometimes it really doesn’t (and wears a wig so it can look good for a party).

    -Choco-Choco Chip

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