Meet (but don’t touch) The Cupcake Gang

Cappuccino Swirl

Smooth jazz. That’s all that comes out of this one’s mouth. She’s a beat-bearing, free-jivin’, soul-searchin’ kid. As a BBFJSS kid, she’s very mellow and down-to-earth when it comes to cupcake analyses and general discourse.

Likes: smooth jazz, chillin’ indoors (sunglasses included).

Dislikes: exposed eyes.

Fun Fact: wears black nailpolish.

Choco-Choco Chip

She’s like a kid on a playground, running around. Her mind is on recess 24/7. Like spinach to Popeye, Choco-Choco Chip mainly consumes cupcakes and Starbucks Doubleshots.

Likes: puppy jackets, cereal, stoic bears, dollhouse furniture.

Dislikes: radiation, ketchup pee.

Fun Fact: screams when she drops cookies.

Lemon Meringue

The Tim Gunn of the group, Lemon Meringue has a critical outlook on life and cupcakes (synonymous). Always ready to stick a bitter tongue of skepticism onto the lollipop of cupcake whimsy, she is the touchstone that grounds the Gang into reality.

Likes: bitter things.

Dislikes: bitter[-tasting] things.

Fun Fact: is on a life-long mission to find a Lemon Meringue cupcake-counterpart.


Vanilla is, by all means, not plain. She is curt, blunt, and— Done.

Likes: finishing things.

Dislikes: global warming, racism, genocide, and general ignorance.

Fun Fact: N/A


12 responses to “Meet (but don’t touch) The Cupcake Gang

  1. Jennifer Bissell

    I love you Cappuccino Swirl.

  2. girls, i think that you would really enjoy sugar sweet sunshine. you should definitely check it out; it’s my favorite, by far!

  3. I agree with Christine – Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s my fave…Magnolia’s overrated, all frosting and the cupcakes are dry and forgetable.

  4. thecupcakegang

    Thanks Jennifer, Love is always appreciated
    -Cappuccino Swirl

    Hello Christine-
    We’ve actually heard a lot of people suggest Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and it’s one of the top choices on our “Hit List”– yet to be posted. It sounds DYNO-MITE, much like Christopher Knight from “the Brady Bunch”– Peter was always studly (until he aged and became a VH1 hasbeen).

    -Choco-Choco Chip

    I agree with Carla. Magnolia is the sweet to my sour…except they weren’t that sweet.

    -Lemon Meringue

  5. you are cool

    i like the additions to yo site.

    vanilla yu da bomb….when you get freckles can i call u vanila con chocolate chips?

    ps i put a link of ur site on my site, since i think it’s worthy and cool

  6. Thank you guys for the write-up….Red Velvet is weird, but I would of had you guys try our Bee Sting…Lemon cream cheese frosting with crushed up lemon head candy and “STUFFED” with real honey custard! Thanks again, Peace, Love & Cupcakes! Jilly (Cool website!)

  7. thecupcakegang

    Hi Jilly-
    On a subsequent visit, I did try the Bee Sting, and I’ve got to say…much love for the lemon flavors.
    -Lemon Meringue

  8. Yummy!

  9. I LOVE this blog… i just stumbled upon it and it’s great… you ladies ROCK!

    • thecupcakegang

      On the contrary, Miya: our Rock-o-Meter actually indicates that YOU rock. (And we just bought it, so it must be quite accurate.)
      Keep baking, partaking, and forever-cupcaking!

      -Choco-Choco Chip

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  11. OMG this is super cute 🙂
    but i happen to really like the red velvet at crumbs!

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